Breast Cancer–What you should know


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Finally, after years of research, a way of eliminating breast cancer has been revealed

Women can now prevent and eliminate breast cancer and not their breast while developing a healthy body for years to come. Medical, Fitness and Nutrition Expert Reveals Never before Seen Methods That Will Eliminate Breast Cancer From a woman’s body for ever. Read on ……

Let’s start with getting the sad news.

You’ve just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Your life is over you concluded. You begin to prepare your will. You even contact your next of kin for instructions on your burial. Usually when a woman who has been worried for days awaiting the outcome of breast cancer test result gets the sad new that “I am sorry to tell you but you have breast cancer”; she immediately goes into a panic mode. This is understandable; I mean who wants to have breast cancer, right?

You may have a family to take care of. If not a family, you may have a husband or boyfriend; you planned on spending many years with. Unfortunately, according to the American Medical Association and the American Cancer Society, breast cancer is the number one disease of women, especially after 20 years of age, and the second leading cause of death. Why is this happening? What seems to be the reasons for this to be happening?

Some Important Reasons Why Women Age 20 and Older Get Breast Cancer lies in several areas.

In some women, breast cancer seems to form if their menstrual cycle starts too soon. The average age for a menstrual cycle to start is about age 12. But for those that begin earlier, these are the women who run the risk of getting breast cancer sometime in their lifetime, particularly before they hit 30.

Another cause is late menopause. If a woman has menopause after 50, it causes the system to have an adverse reaction. The hormones change too late.

Having a diet filled with too much saturated fat can cause breast cancer. A diet that includes mono unsaturated fats like canola oil and olive oil does not appear to cause or increase the chance of breast cancer.

Many types of breast cancers are inherited. If the family has a history of breast cancer, it is very likely to be passed on to later generations. So if you had a great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, sister, or cousin, who had breast cancer, you may get it too.

Women who take estrogen replacement therapy also can cause breast cancer. This is true if the therapy has been extended up to 10 years. If you happen to be a woman who has been blessed with having healthy breasts, you owe it to yourself to get educated about breast cancer, so you can take the steps required to prevent yourself from getting it.

When you think about it, you may be one of those who see yourself as having breast cancer and think life is over for you, or you lose interest in sex, relationships, work, or even spending time with friends. If you are, I have news for you. You are not alone. There Are Many Women Just Like You. There are millions of women in the United States alone who fight breast cancer daily. According to records, every second one woman is having a mammogram or MRI done to see whether or not breast cancer is present.

Once the diagnosis is made, the next step depends on the results.


If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, the doctor usually prescribes chemotherapy to get rid of it, which can have serious side effects. Or he may recommend you have your breast removed to prevent spreading of the disease. Keep in mind that if you are a woman 20 years or older, the likelihood of you getting breast cancer increases. So there is a cause for concern. But sitting in a chair or looking at a mirror and feeling sorry for yourself won’t get rid of it for you. It will just make matters worse. You need to take action.

Real Life Story from a Doctor

“You may not believe this, but I had a friend who was like you at one time. She was a beautiful woman. She had a husband and three children. She lived the life she always dreamed of. One day, she felt something strange in her breast. And then while being intimate with her husband, he noticed one of her nipples had blood oozing out. He jumped up and told her about it. She ran to the bathroom and checked, and noticed more blood coming out. She was taken to the hospital where an MRI was done and they discovered she had a lump right behind the nipple. This is why blood was coming out of the nipple. She went to her doctor the next day and the doctor performed a series of tests and found out that she had a cancerous tumor. She was devastated. She did not know what to do. She went home and did research to find a way to get rid of the tumor without surgery or taking harsh chemicals.

I wanted to help her. So I went on a long journey of self-discovery. I did a lot of research. I talked to experts in the fields of medicine, health, nutrition, and physical fitness. After talking to every expert I got my hands on, I began to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. I tested certain things and re-tested. After nearly 20 years of experiments, tests and further research, I realized what I had to do. So I began to combine many methods and techniques. I studied the human body and learned how the immune system works. I took this knowledge and combined it into a book and gave it to my friend. She read it, applied my methods, and within three months her tumor disappeared.

So what is the Solution?

A Proper Lifestyle Will Get Rid Of Your Breast Cancer. There are many treatment options available to help get rid of your cancer. The best method, according to many doctors and nutritionist, is the food you eat. According to research studies, foods that have healing properties are the best to consume, in order to get rid of breast cancer. These foods are listed in my book.

There is a function of the human body that not too many people think about, but without it, we could die. This function helps with absorption. It is fiber. Fiber works by absorbing water as it moves through the digestive track. This action forces the undigested matter to become larger, which in turn moves the fecal matter out of the intestines faster, this way the fecal matter can be excreted quickly so it won’t do any harm to the body.

There are many foods that contain fiber. My book contains a list of them.

Overindulgence in alcohol can also cause breast cancer.

So how much can you drink? My book tells you.

There is one other factor that has been known to really cause breast cancer.

Read my book to find out what that factor is.

Do you know that exercise helps to eliminate breast cancer?

Read my book to find out what exercise and how often you need to do it.

So what is my book about?

My book is about “Winning the Fight against Breast Cancer”.

Within the pages of my book you will learn how to eliminate breast cancer or prevent it if you do not have it already.

In Conclusion


Yes Breast cancer can be prevented and cured.

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